Home Renovation

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You bought in your ideal location but over the years your family has outgrown the property. It’s time to renovate; change your existing layout to something more suitable to how your family lives, or extend to give yourself that dream kitchen/dining-room you’ve always wanted. This is where Tamas excels. We provide unparalleled value and expertise and gently guide you through the renovation of your dreams.

Our Renovation Team has over 20¬†years’ experience retrofitting older houses, transforming them into inviting, energy-efficient homes for all the family to enjoy in the comfort that only modern construction methods provide.

We help make every decision that bit easier by providing expertise in everything from design and appropriate renovation techniques to interior fit out and turnkey delivery.

With regular progress reports from your assigned project manager and as many site visits as required, you can watch as the renovation progresses and your home gets the new lease of life it deserves!

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